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Want to know who the man (and woman) are behind my sisters wedding proposal video?! It’s Tyler and Rachael Austin of TAustin Photography! They are incredible to work with. They created my “Delegate introduction video” which placed in the Top Ten at the Miss World America Pageant.  Love their work!


Here’s the video if you missed it when it was posted back in July 2015!



It was just announced that Miss Washington USA 2016, Stormy Keffeler has RESIGNED. Keffeler, a freelance hair and make up artist, won the title back in October 2015 just one month after pleading guilty to a DUI arrest. Her sentence required installation of an alcohol monitor in her vehicle, monetary fines, a license suspension, and two days in jail. She served her two day sentence in December before flying out to watch the Miss Universe Pageant live in Las Vegas, NV.  Keffeler resigned today as news surfaced regarding an alleged stabbing incident involving former Seattle Sounder midfielder, Marco Pappa.


1st runner up Kelsey Schmidt of Bellevue, WA will assume the position and represent Washington at the 2016 Miss USA Pageant. Schmidt is a Scripps College graduate and current Ph.D student in the nutritional sciences program at the University of Washington.

The Miss USA pageant date has not yet been released.

12316285_10153060681972693_7751609396888506111_nThe new Miss Washington USA, Kelsey Schmidt

(Photo credit Jerry & Lois photography)  

Washington State Firefighter plans the ultimate proposal!

Talk about an epic proposal! Lia Lubanovici of Vancouver, WA was all set to go to a Firefighter banquet and was asked to meet her boyfriend, Marshall Griffin early to carpool. When she arrived they were just finishing up “filming a training video for the fire department.”

Click on the image  below by www.TAustinPhotography.com to watch the incredible wedding proposal!

TAustin Photography Firefighter Wedding ProposalEpic-Firefighter-Proposal-Video-1-768x432Epic-Firefighter-Proposal-Video-9-768x432 Epic-Firefighter-Proposal-Video-6-768x614 Epic-Firefighter-Proposal-Video-8-768x614







how they met

“I met Lia through her sister Delia, who was dating my old roommate at the time in 2012. Delia was graduating college. Lia was at her graduation party. I remember I was so nervous to even talk to her and totally embarrassed myself. Later that year, Delia was in the process of opening a business and her and Lia came by the house to watch movies one night. She said I had “look” about me when I saw her walk through the door…My breath was gone….That night we hit it off! It was like we both new there was something about this person we were drawn to. And the rest has been history.

how he asked

I developed this plan after having a conversation with my mother. She told me that I needed to make sure she could tell the story to her friends and family when they asked. So I knew I had to think of something unique. We knew we were going to get married, she knew I purchased an engagement ring. She kept sending me ideas she wanted to do for future engagement photos. I am a volunteer firefighter and she wanted to incorporate that. I started thinking about doing a proposal at the fire department. Using her siblings, we were able to convince her I wasn’t going to be able ask for a while, due to timing with needing to ask her parents permission…although I had gotten it at Christmas time without her knowing.

I had a firefighter awards banquet scheduled, and I knew I could get Lia to come “pick me up before, so we could carpool in, after this ‘training video for the city.” I was able to get some assistance from my fellow volunteer firefighters, and we started the training drill once she arrived at the fire department. It worked better then I could have ever imagined. The story is so much more elaborate and has so many little details that are simply amazing! I’m beyond excited and am so happy Lia got an amazing proposal that she deserves! Her reaction says it all and I’m so blessed she said yes!”

-via http://howheasked.com/tear-jerking-firefighter-proposal/

Victoria’s Secret: The “Perfect” Body

Like every other basic bee-otch in America, I too watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. My eyes we’re glued to the TV while I sipped on a skinny pumpkin spice latte with half the pumps and extra pumpkin spice. Yeah… I’m #BasicAndshiiiii. The show was awesome. It was superb. It was HOT!

The amount of sparkles on that stage made my heart thump, the length of the models’ legs made my lips quiver, and the music prompted my head to sway to the beat and daydream about being a supermodel. I loved the show and still felt pretty in my black leggings and oversized shirt. But unfortunately not everyone watching the show has such an appreciation for the absurd. “What do you mean Delia?” exclaim my fellow Basics. “Why do you call it absurd?” Just wait girls…I’m getting there.

I can imagine that some watched the show and felt insecure because they believe that men expect all us “normal” gals to look like the models. Ladies, don’t stress. If he expects you to look like them, you should expect him to look like David Beckham. And on a side note, if you do have a model body type, work it girl because you are FINNNNE!

Anyway, this is what I think we must all understand about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. But first I must explain runway fashion (It’s relevant I promise!) Watching high end fashion shows are confusing because we rarely see something we would actually wear. I don’t know anyone who would leave the house wearing some of the outfits we saw tonight.

(Keep reading. This is important boo thangs) When a designer puts out a fashion line, they strive to make it unique, to make a statement and to make it bold. They will for instance, use an oversized yellow bow on the first model who walks the runway. The bow is HUGE. It is double her size, which in reality is not that big, but you get the picture. In comparison to the models tiny body, the yellow bow dress is massive. Then model number two begins to walk…errr strut. She is covered head to toe in dozens of tiny yellow bows. And do take this quite literally. The designer only has her eyes showing. It’s actually pretty funny. You say to yourself “oh my golly gosh. She looks soooo silly. This is what I’m suppose to be wearing?”


The short answer is no. That designer is just trying to make it easy for you. “ha Delia. You’re crazy! How is fashion supposed to be easy when the designer covered this poor girl in thousands of little yellow bows?  Let me tell you baby girl. You know when you’re in the mall? At like a JCpenny or Sears… Haha just kidding. We all know we only go there if there is no H&M around. Okay, okay fine. Let’s say you’re at Forever 21. You look around and see thousands of different clothing options. You walk passed the piles of shoes and accessories. Then grab one of those awesome white tink tops that are only like $3.80. (#LivinOnABudgeLyfe… Who’s with me?) After you got your essentials, you stumble upon a darling little button down shirt with the tiniest, cutest little bow on the cuff of its sleeves. Oh and here’s the kicker…..it’s yellow. Yeah well remember when months ago you were making fun of that runway show with all the crazy yellow accessories? That my friend is where the yellow bow on the cuff of your sleeve started.

You see, fashion takes the extremes to make it art. Then months or even years later after that one designer made yellow bows in style, the general public wears it. Dats u and me.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an exaggeration of fashion and the female body. Or what some may call the human body at perfection. But few women actually posses that body type. We call them  “flawless”….. Errrr…that’s what they want us to think. We watch because they found 40 of the WORLD’S most caricature versions of perfection. THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE YOU AND I.  Much like the yellow bows, the bodies shown are meant to be extremes. They are meant to be absurd.  They are meant to be unattainable. We want what we can’t have. We imitate it. We buy it. They manipulate it.


While watching, I never felt insecure with my body, but I did find myself wishing I looked like them. I had to remind myself to just appreciate the extreme nature of what I was watching. The fact that they could find a few dozen women with perfectly symmetrical faces and mind blowingly proportioned bodies to walk down a runway is awesome. It’s funny. It’s sexy. And it’s a business. That is the reason they do the show. They know that we will all rush to purchase even the smallest part of one of their “Angels”.

The point of this article is to remind you that your body is what you want it to be. The Victoria’s Secret body is not necessarily the model (pun intended) of what the female body should look like. It’s just one of its many beautiful versions. The female body is beautiful no matter how it’s proportioned.  It was designed to be desirable, and all sorts of body types are sought after.

So ladies, stop gripping about your belly fat while watching. Your body is hot so just chill out. This includes the long, lean, zero-ish percent body fat type; the short, thick, vivacious type; and of course the average, in the middle, I love pizza but eat a salad every now and then body type. You are worth more than what pop culture is telling you to look like. Your body and health is a gift and we are all beautiful. We are all beautiful because we all share the same maker. Holler. 🙌

One last thing, I compete in pageants because I learned to love myself when I competed for Miss Seattle pageant with the Miss America Organization.  Anyone can compete in a pageant because it gives you the opportunity to make that stage your own Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. No matter what your body type! Not everyone can be an “Angel” but anyone can be Miss America! (with hard work and lots of hours in the gym of course).  Let your journey start here –> MissSeattle.org



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Products I use every day!

Before bed….

I use “Vaseline Rich Conditioning Petroleum, Cocoa Butter” to gently remove my eye make-up/eyelash glue.


Price: Under $4


I then use “Astara Botanical Cleansing Gele’ followed by “Astara Daily Refining Scrub” and once a week I’ll use “Astara AHA Nutrient Toning Essence.” I have been using Astara for 3 years and will not let ANYTHING else touch my face! It’s the best. The company knows how much I love them so they even gave me a coupon code for you to use. You get 25% off your entire order with CODE: delia25. All lowercase** (This is not an ad I promise. I am not “Paid” to promote them. I just love them and they know it! haha)

Price: $19-38 [Plus 25% off with  CODE: delia25. All lowercase**]


Price: $19-38 [Plus 25% off with  CODE: delia25. All lowercase**]


aha_nutrient_toning_essence (1)

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Now let’s get to make up!

“Antioxidant Light Moisturizer”


Price: $39-52 [[Plus 25% off with  CODE: delia25. All lowercase**]


“Picture Perfect Foundation”


My foundation color is Y5

Price: $39.50


“The Perfect Face Foundation” (I use this next product as concealer and as a highlight color)


Highlight color: P2 



“Loose Powder”


GET THIS in “Cream Puff – Y2.” Use this all over the face. It will change how you do make up. I swear by it. I’ve used Mac and NARS similar products and it doesn’t compare.

I use all of their powders…. I have every color but “Cream Puff-Y2” is essential for most everyone.


I use “Gingersnap – P12” as bronzer.

Get them both. Price: $24…. the best $24 you will ever spend. Trust me on this one


Harmony” By Mac

It’s another must have! I use it as under eye color, I use it as blush and have even used it as eyeshadow. Get this color for a perfect everyday look.


Price: $26

Eye Shadow: Mac Soft Brown


Price: $19


Pro Longwear Paint Pot: Mac Soft Ochre


Price: $26


Blush: Mac Mineralize Blush Dainty 


Price: $32


Eyeliner: TPFcosmetics Gel Eye Liner


It’s waterproof too!!!

Price: $18


The brushes below are the affordable versions: I use these and their high end MAC equivalents. I’ll post links of the MAC brushes as well.




Price: $18.95


Price: $44.99

The brush set above are perfectly good brushes. You don’t necessarily need the high end version… but I like them

MAC brushes I use:

Click Links below



Loose powder under eye applicator 

Eyeliner Pointed

Angled Eyeliner

Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow Blender (must have brush)


I hope this helps! Listed above are the essentials but I’ll show you what else I have in my make up bag below!

Brush Cleaner:


Price: $19

Eyeshadow Pallet:


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Price: $30



Lastly,  daily skin care is so important. The ONLY thing I use on my body is Astara. I have tried every brand you can think of and Astara is the best natural product brand out there.  I use all the the products below while in the shower and use the body lotion after.

You get 25% off your entire order with CODE: delia25. All lowercase** (This is not an ad I promise. I am not “Paid” to promote them. I just love them and they know it! haha)


Aromatic Seaweed Body Wash

Aroma Nutrient Face and Body Oil

Aroma Nutrient Face and Body Oil

Citrus Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

Citrus Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

Antioxidant body lotion

Antioxidant body lotion

To book a private make up lesson or to hire me for an event email: MissWaWorld@gmail.com




What losing a pageant taught me. October 2014-July2015

I wrote the article below on October 29th, 2014. It’s crazy how much has happened since then. If only I knew then what I know now. It is the physical prof of the promise made to me.

Now more than ever, I see how important it is to TRUST The Lord. He kept his promise to me. I fail him daily yet HE is still faithful to me. That is his character.

Remember in times of hurt, disappointed and confusion– he is still there for you.

After the end of every pageant my heart feels two things; one, excitement for the winner because all of her work has paid off and the second, is sympathy for the other contestants because I know that they all worked diligently without the reward of a crown.

If you recently went through pageant “rejection” here are a few things that you need to remember.

1) Your hard work was not in vain. You succeeded yourself because you were able to focus on a goal. You took on a challenge and YOU DID IT! You put yourself out there. That is very admirable.

2) The benefits of losing a pageant outweigh the gains. I know. How dare I say that? From my experience, “losing” and failing so miserably was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was able to find my true strength by not taking home a crown last year. You don’t see it now but you will later. I promise. It’s hard to accept that there is a different plan for you. Give it time. Your heart will heal. I promise!!

3) TRUST in a greater (or different) plan for your life. Trust that other opportunities will come your way and ENJOY LIFE!

I leave you with the words that helped me through my own journey: “Seek the people, not the crown.”

If you are finished competing then I encourage you to seek the people. If you will continue to compete, also seek the people. Prepare for the crown but know that what is more important in life is the relationships you build. Love God, Love people, enjoy life!
Here is the article I wrote last year. I hope you find some encouragement from it
How to gracefully lose a pageant.


The land of my ancestors! I was fortunate enough to travel to the homeland of my parents. Romania is beautiful! You probably associate Romania with Dracula and its likely the only thing you know about Romania. However, Romania is more than just a vampire legend in Transylvania. It is a land with rich history and stunning architecture. Here is a peak of what I wore on my vacation!

Bucharest, Romania

Cream lace skirt: Macy’s (juniors section)

Black tink top: Gen X (Portland, OR)

Neon coral loose top: H&M

 Whole outfit under $100! And all from Forever 21! (Can you tell I love forever 21?)

Paris, France. 

I recently went to Europe. I packed really light with only a few essentials because I planned on doing some shopping there. The problem is I COULDNT find a thing. I hoped to go to the local bazaars in Romania to find some unique items but most of the shops only accepted wholesale purchases. So there I was with no clothes! What I ended up doing is shopping at H&M, a store we have here in the States. I ended up finding some really cute items. Here is what I wore on France.

Neon coral dress: H&M

Bootie black boots: Forever 21

Black lace top: Forever 21

Black tights: PolkaDotCloud.com


Never apologize for being confident. Stop fearing that you’re coming across as self-centered. And regardless, I’d rather be called “conceited” than “insecure.” You are a woman. You are beautiful. You don’t have to convince the world you are. Just tell them. They’ll agree.

How to gracefully lose a pageant.

After ten years of competing in pageants, I did not place in the semi-finals at the Miss Washington USA pageant. The reaction of those around me, the Internet and my own self confidence says, I should have been a “shoe in.” But what happened?
I guess I don’t know. I was 150% ready. Maybe it was because we only had a minute and a half interview. I’m perfectly convinced that if I had more time with the judges then I could have won them over with my intelligence, charisma and sheer wit. But Let me digress. The way the Miss Washington USA pageant system functions, what the judges are told and the minute and a half “interview” is not why I lost. So if you thought I was going to bash this organization, you are wrong. I’m no bitter pageant loser and I’m definitely not here to say anything negative. I am here to tell you why and how I elegantly LOST a “beauty” pageant.
Let me give you a little background on myself to build some credibility and please use a light heart when reading. It is meant to be humorous. So my claim to fame is that I won Miss Seattle 2013 (Miss America) and I am a relatively successful Seattle based entrepreneur, entertainment website host and media writer— kinda. As humbly as possible, I’m basically a Boss-Ass-B who is the hardest worker you’ll ever meet and if I can’t make you laugh then clearly there is something wrong with you, not me. And sorry I said “ass.” It is the only phrase that accurately depicts how I feel about myself. And again with that said, I probably have some pride issues but that is between my heart and the Lord so quit judging me. (Says the girl who competes in pageants to be judged 😂)
Anyway, now that you think I’m cool and obviously super funny, let’s get deep. I’m a Christian. I love Jesus. I believe that Jesus was the human son of God. I believe that God sent Jesus to earth to love, and save us! This whole Jesus thing is kind of confusing if it’s never been explained to you but it’s not that complicated. Let me attempt to spell it out. In the olden days people use to have to make animal sacrifices to God to cleanse them of their sin….which is really weird and kinda cruel but that’s the way things were. Then Jesus to come to earth and die as the ULTIMATE sacrifice so that the Holy Spirit can live/be within all of our hearts and so that we no longer have to make sacrifices with animals because we gain forgiveness from sin by asking for it in our hearts now. That was my Christianity for dummies version in like two sentences. Christianity is far more beautiful than that run-on sentence version I just made up. But yes, my faith belief is relevant because….. Well… Just wait. I’m getting there!
So yes, I’m a Christian. I believe that the Holy Spirit can speak to us if we allow ourselves to receive it. Here’s the big punch: I thought I was told that I was going to win Miss Washington USA. Yup, I said it. I was convinced that this was the “big plan” that was spoken over my life through prophecy. It all made sense. Prophecy is when God allows the Holy Spirit to reveal things about your life to you through words. It is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. (Click here to read it straight from the bible.)
So yeah… I totally thought I was going to win. Kind of embarrassing right? Haha don’t worry, I’m not embarrassed one bit. As hard as it is to say it, I’m glad it didn’t happen because losing helped me learn the biggest, most rewarding lesson of my life. I had my life’s biggest “ah ha” moment everrrrr!
So yeah. God let me think that I was going to win. He knew I needed to think I was going to win so that I have to question my every core belief. He’s so smart. He knows how to be the real boss ass-B in my life. (#Noblasphemy) He knew that I needed to learn that I am MORE BEAUTIFUL BY LOSING GRACEFULLY RATHER THAN WINNING. That’s some deep shiz …stuff right there. So, I was up there on that stage waiting for my name to be called.
Buttttttttt, yeah. I didn’t get called into the semi-finals. (#WhatTheHeck?) How could this be? I thought I was told that I was going to win Miss Washington USA. Uhhhh God? I can’t win if I don’t get called into the semi-finals. God, what’s going on?? Hmm they must have made a mistake. They’re going to run backstage and come get me because they called Miss East Kirkland down by mistake. They meant Miss Kirkland. Yeah…Nope… They didn’t. They didn’t call my name. As I got off that stage, I sort of laughed. “Uhhhh God…. Like…… Ummmm you know I’m suppose to be up there right? Uhhh God. Hello? Like what’s the deal? You know I’m pretty cool right God? Likeeeee what are you doing God?” So that was my thought process for the few minutes it took me to get back to the dressing room. Then reality struck. God led me to believe I was going to win then I don’t even get called into the semi-finals. Hilarious right? You can’t make this stuff up! So there I was in the dressing room really wrestling with God. I was never upset or angry like maybe I would have been in the past. I was simply baffled. I was confused. I felt as though the Lord was challenging me by saying “hey Delia, how are you going to love me now that you lost? You were listening to worship songs before the show… Back when you thought you were gonna win. What about now D? You still gonna worship me? You still going to TRUST me?” Yup. This was a real struggle. The decision I made after the Lord challenged me changed the way I acted the rest of the show. I believe that choosing to love God in the mist of my disappoint and choosing to TRUST God was and will be the best decision I’ve ever made. So I replied, “Watch me Lord. Watch what I do next. I’m going to LOVE you more because I trust you. I’m going to worship you because I know your plan for me is so much greater than a crown and a sash with a state name in it. I’m going to LOVE you because I’m obviously not as cool as I think I am. I’m going to love you because you deserve it. I’m going to love you because you just taught me how to GRACEFULLY LOSE A PAGEANT.
So there you have it. How to gracefully lose a pageant. It’s suuuuper simple. TRUST GOD. When I said super simple, I was being sarcastic. It took me ten years to learn how to lose gracefully. Oh and remember how earlier I said how cool I was for being Miss Seattle 2013… Yeah well, it’s the only pageant I’ve ever won and the only pageant title I will probably ever hold. I’ve actually lost a total of 10 times. Well after this pageant it’s 11. It took me 11 losses to realize that God has a DIFFERENT plan for me. It took me 11 losses to put my complete trust in God. It took me 11 losses to finally realize that I gained so much more by losing and not winning. It is more BEAUTIFUL to lose gracefully than to win.
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delialubanovici: Ladies, pageant season has just begun! If you wanna be the next MISS SEATTLE, apply at MissSeattle.org. I had the honor of being Miss Seattle 2013 & it was the greatest experience of my life thus far. If you’re interested or have any questions, email me at delia.lubanovici@gmail.com. The Miss America program is a scholarship pageant so THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE! In fact, you get money for competing! Yay for college! 💃❤️ #MissSeattle #hasbeen

Russell “Soon-to-be-Divorced” Wilson

By on April 23, 2014 VIA TDZdaily.com


Article by Delia Lubanovici

Our beloved quarterback, Russell Wilson has filed for divorce from his High School Sweetheart, Ashton Meem! Though he’s Seattle’s pride and joy, it is assumed that times at home were less than perfect. The devout Christian and Superbowl XLVIII champ showed no warning signs of turbulent times. Russell Wilson’s Instagram usually shows him and his soon to be ex-wife, Ashton visiting the Seattle Children’s Hospital on many occasions. In more recent weeks, the insta-photos consist of Hermosa Beach, CA pre-pre-training with some Seahawks teammates and a trip to the Texas Rangers spring training. The only hint of clue we had was that he hasn’t posted a picture with Aston in 13 weeks.

Though NFL teams don’t usually release statements on their players’ personal lives, the Seattle Seahawks announced this on behalf of Wilson:  “I have made the difficult decision to file for divorce,” Wilson said. “Clearly, decisions like these don’t come easy. Ashton and I respectfully ask for prayers, understanding and privacy during this difficult time. Moving forward, I will have no further comment on this matter.”

So here are some facts;

1.       Wilson and Meem met in High School.

2.       Meem originally attended University of Georgia then transferred to North Carolina state where Quarterback Wilson was playing at the time.

3.       When Wilson transferred to the University of Wisconsin, Meem also moved.

4.       The couple officially engaged in August 2010.

5.       Russell Wilson married Ashton Meem in Richmond, VA in Janurary 2012.

6.       He was 23 at the time he was married.

7.       Three months into his marriage, Wilson was selected in the third round of the NFL Draft.

8.       The pair do not have any children but they do have three dogs.

9.       The marriage lasted 2 years.

10.   Russell Wilson is the one who filed for divorce.

As a Seattlelite, I’m deeply saddened by the news of the divorce. Russell has huge influence over our community. He is a much loved man. He seems to be friends with everyone! While I was at the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert earlier this year, Macklemore spoke such kind words of his good friend Russell. He spoke of how he, Russell Wilson, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg and others gathered for hotdogs at Mariah’s home in LA. Macklemore told the audience how Russell is so wise and spiritual.

Russell tweeted this before the announcement of the divorce,  “God never promises the absence of storms. He just promises to walk with us through them.”

Chat with Delia @DeliaLubanovici using #TheDelio.

Miss USA & My New Found Love for the South

By on June 13, 2014 Via TDZdaily.com


For as long as I can remember, the Miss USA pageant has been held in Las Vegas, Nevada. However this year, they decided to change it. When the new host city was revealed, I was annoyed. “How are you going to aggrandize the show by moving it to the middle of nowhere?!” I thought. Vegas is such an easy vacation spot for me because my best friend lives there and I make the trip several times a year. I know my way around the strip and the flight from Seattle is very inexpensive. I had never been to Louisiana and to be completely honest, I had no desire to go. I figured it was a lot like Texas, a state that I like but don’t really care for. To my delight, it was the antithesis of what I thought it would be.

It has been a few years since I’ve attended the Miss USA pageant but I knew I needed to go this year. I had to! I haven’t competed in the Miss USA system since I was a teen and now that I aged out of the Miss America organization I am coming back! I’m absolutely stoked!! I was going to go to the Miss USA pageant wherever it was held…. Even if it were Texas. It was crucial that I went to help erase all my previous knowledge on Miss America pageantry and pick up tips for the pageant I will be competing in later this year. Miss America and Miss USA are both essentially “beauty” pageants, but they are quite opposite. They are looking for two very different women. I competed in the Miss America scholarship pageant all throughout college and had a great experience with the program. Miss America has an extensive interview process, platform statement and a talent portion of competition. Miss America is looking for a traditional, conservative, intelligent woman who will use her title to help the community and gain herself college scholarship funds. Miss USA on the other hand is a hip, modern, beauty pageant. They are looking for a business woman. Someone who can market herself, someone who has interpersonal and extra-personal skills. They are looking for a woman who is sassy, sexy and poised. Miss USA is someone who can capture an audience with her inner and outer beauty as well as her intelligence, wit and charm.


My friends and I booked our flights and planned our trip. I was more so excited to spend time with my friends rather than explore Baton Rouge or New Orleans. This quickly changed as we made the hour drive from the mardi gras town to the red stick. The verdant swamps were much more aesthetic in person than what I had heard of or even pictured. The trees protruding over the flat lake, the ducks in the canal and turtles in the water made me feel as though the wildlife was part of the community. In a non tree hugging kind of way, it made me feel like animals and humans were coexisting. I don’t even like animals that much but it was nice to see so much wildlife. So with that said, the first thing I like about Louisiana is the wildlife.

The second thing I noticed was that everyone was self aware. They pay attention to the people around them. They are in control of their surroundings. I suppose being aware and being venerate to one another are synonyms because they both acquire humility. It’s paying attention to other peoples needs. Saying “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” is so important. Everyone says it in the south! It’s beautifully shocking how great of a difference it makes.


Third, can we Americans please start using “y’all” without being southern? It-Just-Makes-Sense! Saying “you guys” is filthy. I caught myself saying it out of habit and it’s just plain embarrassing. I mean can we at least say “you all” instead of “you guys?” Don’t get me started!

More so, Louisiana has sass! During the opening production of Miss USA I could feel the pride the folks had for their state. It was the same feeling I got when touring the LSU football practice faculty the day before. The students and staff were so proud of their school. Friends showed us the LSU campus with the same energy and pride as we Seattleites felt after Super Bowl XLVIII. With that said, the fourth thing I love about Louisiana is the love locals have for their electric State.


People always talk about southern hospitality but I have never truly experienced it. Though I’ve visited the south before, Louisiana hospitality far outshines states like Texas. (At this point you probably noticed that I’m not a big fan of Texas. Sorry!) We stayed with Miss Louisiana USA 2013 and she showed us great southern charm. She and her family were so kind to host my friends and I. She picked is up, drove us around, and was so accommodating to us in New Orleans. The hotel staff at the Belle of Baton Rouge were just as kind. They made sure we were taken care of!

Next, its not the south without some splendid meals. When people say the food in the Cajun state is like none other and they’re 100% correct!! I allowed myself to splurge on every delicacy the state had to offer. I had fried and raw oysters, crab, alligator, biscuits & gravy, and the highlight was a home cooked meal by Craig Walker Jr (@cookdatgood on twitter/instagram or Somethinelsecafe.com)


Last, southern gentleman are the real deal. I felt like a rubbernecker checking out all the attractive males around. I’m still trying to put my finger on what made them so attractive? Maybe I liked how masculine yet conciliatory they were? They seemed to be put together, clean and confident. They were polite and intelligent. Nonetheless, Louisiana men are easy on the eyes!

I’ve grown to love Louisiana and I’m so grateful to all who were a part of bringing the Miss USA pageant to Baton Rouge. The marketing worked because I hope to visit the state in the near future. Had the pageant not been there this year, I may have never made it out to the Bayou State.

Wait, Joan Rivers is EMPOWERING women?

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#JoanRivers paved a way for female comedians in the entertainment industry. In my opinion, she is one of the most overlooked female empowerment activists in Hollywood today. Whether her activism is intentional or not, she has made an immense impact in her field.

Most would say that she is anti-feminist. They say she is shallow and only cares about outer appearance. Though her form of comedy is harsh, if a MAN were to say the exact things about other men, it would be socially acceptable. When a woman says things that push limits, it’s seen as inappropriate and often censored by the media. The perfect example of this is contemporary rap artists and how they “get away” with saying vulgar, crude, and disrespectful things in their music. If a woman did this, she would be seen as frisky, sexually explicit and they would call her a hussy. Think of what you thought of Rihanna when “rude boy” came out. It was scandalous. But men talk about women that way in 70% of songs on the radio.

With that said, I have a great deal of respect for Joan Rivers and hope that more people see her in a positive light. Wishing her well on her road to recovery!


(Pictured with daughter Melissa Rivers)

Miss Florida Pageant Crowns WRONG GIRL

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The Miss Florida Scholarship pageant crowned their new Miss Florida on June 21 however, THEY CROWNED THE WRONG GIRL! It has just been revealed that there was a tabulation error that resulted in this horrible mix-up.

Apparently a judge made a last minute change on the score sheet that resulted in the inaccurate crowning of Elizabeth Fechtel (Miss University of Florida.) An independent CPA reviewed the scores and revealed that Miss North Florida, Victoria Cowen was actually the correct winner.

Wrongly crowned Elizabeth Fechtel

Victoria Cowen the correct winner of Miss Florida 2014 poses with her top talent award

The Miss Florida pageant is an official preliminary to the Miss America Scholarship Pageant. The new Miss America will be crowned in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 14, 2014. “The Miss America Organization is one of the nation’s leading achievement programs and the world’s largest provider of scholarship assistance for young women.”

This seems to be a rocky year for the Miss America Organization considering a similar situation happened only a few days prior. Amanda Longacre was crowned Miss Delaware 2014 however  a misunderstanding in the age requirement resulted in her being dethroned. The crown was then given to her 1st runner up, Brittany Lewis.

When the Miss America pageant date moved from January to September, the age qualification did not change with the move. This means anyone born from Sept, 14th 1989 to December 31st 1989 would still be ineligible even though the Miss America date changed. The rulebook states that you cannot be older than 24 the day of Miss America.  Amanda Longacre is 24 years of age born on October 22, 1989.

“In Florida, upon the realization that a tabulation error resulted due to a judge making a change on their score sheet that was not caught when the scores were tabulated, the Miss Florida title was wrongly awarded to Elizabeth Fechtel. Action was taken with an independent CPA to thoroughly review the judges scores and it was determined that the named 1st runner up, Victoria Cowen, was actually the… winner of Miss Florida 2014.” — Miss America Organization

My #WCW + 8 things we love about Taylor Swift!

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Three mischief’s in their twenties were arrested outside of Taylor Swifts Rhode Island beachfront home according to the Westerly Police Department. They were shouting slanders, throwing beer bottles and flippin’ the bird to Swifts security guards who were on site. Luckily, our beloved Tay Tay was not home during the incident- phew!

Speaking of Taylor Swift, she just so happens to be my “Woman Crush Wednesday!” I first heard of Taylor Swift back when life’s biggest dilemma was having to pick a “top 8″ on MySpace. It was year 2006. I was hooked on “Tim McGraw” from the moment my 16 year old ears heard her 16 year old voice. Needless to say, I’m a fan. So in honor of this country cutie, here are 8 things I love about Taylor swift.

(She and I circa 2006)
1) She’s crazy: I’m sure we have all wished we had the guts to publicly shame our ex-boyfriends. Taylor has a long list of former flings who’ve “broken” her heart and she gets the last say by writing songs about them…. And she uses their real names! It’s brilliant! If only we could all call out our exes! So with that, she’s kind is crazy.

2) She’s pretty: It’s true. I’ve got a girl crush on her! So sue me! She’s tall, she’s blonde, and we all love when she curls those platinum locks of hers. She chooses to dress her long, lean body with baby doll dresses, custom cowgirl boots and her sparkly guitar adds the perfect touch to her upbeat personality.

3) She’s dates all the hunks I love: Let’s list them; Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayor, Cory Monteith, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zac Efron, Harry Styles, and from Americas royal family, Kennedy…Conner Kennedy.

4) Her favorite number is 13: Most people steer clear of that unlucky number but not Tay Tay. She was born on December 13 and one time she convinced the world that she got a 13 tattooed to her forearm. But jokes on us, it was fake.

5) She writes: She is one of the only artists that still writes her own lyrics. I think she is able to connect with her fan base so much more because its believable. She is putting her life on pen and paper and sharing it with the world.

6) She loves cats: Okay,  we don’t love this about her but we’ll let it slide. Taylor loves her cat,  Meredith who is a rare breed called Scottish Fold…and no one cares.


7) She’s a true entertainer: I’ve seen Taylor perform live a handful of times and I’ve watched her at various award shows. She can rock it! And I know she can’t dance, and her arms wobble kind of weird but when you love someone, you accept their quirks. She’s not the most technically skilled singer but girl can sing!

8) Taylor Swift is the best post breakup artist: Well maybe not the best but she’s part of the post breakup cycle. It goes, Kacey Musgraves to get you through the anger stage, then you gotta watch every season of gossip girl, then cry a lot to Colbie Caillat then the last stage is Taylor! You listen to the sweet stuff, you listen to the vengeful stuff, then you start listening to “begin again” and violá! Your break up is cured.

So there you have it! The eight things I love about Taylor Swift.